Bruce Willis admits “error in judgement” after not wearing face mask in store

Actor Bruce Willis

Actor Bruce Willis is admitting his “error in judgement” after he was photographed leaving a California pharmacy with a face mask on Sunday.

The Die Hard star faced a lot of criticism on social media after the photo began circulating online. He was photographed entering and leaving a Rite Aid in Los Angeles wearing a black jacket, a striped T-shirt, jeans and a scarf around his neck.

The actor was reportedly asked to leave the store by an employee, according to Page Six.

According to the outlet, he was asked to lift up his bandana to cover his mouth and nose while in the store. But instead he opted to walk out of the story without making a purchase.

After the backlash he faced on social people, the 65-year-old acknowledged that he was at fault.

“It was an error in judgment,” Willis tells PEOPLE. “Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up, ” he added.