Brushy1string launches Kickstarter to fund new album

Jamaican bluesy Reggae artiste, Brushy1string (Photo:

Brushy1string, a Jamaican musician known for playing a guitar with one string, is calling on fans to support his latest venture of putting out new music.

Brushy told the world in a recent Instagram post that he is seeking US $10,000 to assist him and has launched a Kickstarter fund with several layers of pledges for persons to make.

These pledges can range anywhere from US$10 dollars to $1500 dollars for fans. The Reggae artiste has also included a suite of benefits per donation; starting from a couple of singles and a podcast, to dinner for two with the man himself in Jamaica.

As at Tuesday, July 30, with 19 days to go, the Kingston musician has had 56 backers on his Kickstarter fund – totaling 20 percent of the US$10,000 target.

Brushy1string’s progress on his Kickstarter campaign, as at July 30 (Photo:

The bluesy Reggae vocalist noted in his Kickstarter video that “the more support you give, the more music I can make”.

“It’s very simple. At the end of the day, I hope this message reaches you. I thank you for taking a moment to read it,” Brushy1string added.

Brushy became a household name in Jamaica following his appearance on the popular talent competition Digicel Rising Stars. While he did not win, the acoustic artiste has managed to develop a musical career for himself that has seen him tour all over the world.

Brushy is also known for his popular song Chicken In The Corn that has garnered over 26 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded in 2013.

He has since released several tracks and albums and now wants to further his craft with the support of his fans worldwide. Persons wishing to back Brushy1string in his Kickstarter campaign can do so here.