BUZZ-cap: Stories that made us go ‘Huh?’ in 2020

It’s been a wild and unpredictable year, and no matter how we’ve tried to prepare, curve balls keep coming.

And that truly how we feel about some of the content we’ve put out. We are dedicated to keeping you abreast of everything trending, topical and Buzz-worthy, but sometimes it’s tough to predict all the stories that will ‘hit’.

Below are three of the articles we shared that took the Internet, and us, by surprise.

Jaden Smith is no longer Jaden Smith

We were all amazed by how well this story did, especial when Jaden himself hasn’t done much on the scene for the past couple of years. Who knew the singer-actor deciding to drop his surname and just go by “Jaden” would have elicited the response it did? Let’s chalk it up to an awesome headline.

10 ways to tell if a man is packing

Well, we can see why this would be popular, as many discussions often turn to genitals, go figure. What we found strange about how well this story did this year is…it was actually published last year! On November 19, 2019 to be specific, but somehow it continued to trend, and surprise us, even as we look to enter 2021.

Cover your eyes! Tyga’s penis pic surfaces online

Tyga has become a pornstar, of sorts, on his OnlyFans account now, however, many were skeptical about the content he would share when he first created the account. Well, he didn’t disappoint those looking to know him a little more intimately, and when a nude surfaced of him on Twitter, this story became the brushfire that spiralled out of control.

Shenseea addresses rumours that she sacrificed her mother

We don’t know how it began, but Shenseea didn’t hesitate to shut down some pretty ridiculous and malicious rumours about her mom’s passing, even as she struggled to manage her grief. If nothing else was learnt, we know not to come between the ShenYeng boss and her family.