BUZZ Review: Episode 1 of ‘Spice It Up’ tackles bun-fi-bun

Dancehall deejay, actress and now talk-show host Spice on her new online programme Spice It Up!, powered by Magnum Tonic Wine. (Photo:

Dancehall royalty Spice made waves this weekend with her new online talk show ‘Spice It Up’ and it was a purely entertaining chat about cheating and relationships among men and women.

If only I didn’t have such a hard time keeping up with Marlon Samuels…

Between his proud polyamorous relationship, to comments about only ‘respecting his women’ not loving them, there’s something very wrong with his confident, sneering aura that just bothers me – as another man.

As one of two special guests for the pilot episode titled ‘Tables Turn’, Samuels declared that he doesn’t believe in cheating since he always has at least three steady partners.

The self-proclaimed ‘Icon’ claims he always has three women on hand, who are “trained” and know the rules.

Is this 50 Shades of Stupid, Marlon?

Weh yuh mean?

“Marlon, what’s your take?” Spice asked, throwing her ‘Do you embrace bun-fi-bun?’ question at the ex-cricketer, to which he began, “My take simple. As usual, mi keep my ting simple, so mi usually have more than two or three girl.”

“When mi a gi bun mi cyah keep up, so mi nuh know when mi a get bun.” Okay, Mr. Icon.

Spice, as well as guest Donisha Loud Fashion, were taken aback but can we be honest? I’m not surprised at all.

“Yeah man, mi always mek sure mi have at least two [or] three. It hard fi focus pon one woman enuh. Especially in a time like now when is like 40 woman to one man,” Samuels continued.

Guests on the pilot episode of Spice It Up! Donisha Loud Fashion and Marlon Samuels (Photo:

I’m sorry, there’s only SO much ego I’ll be willing to entertain and while your contribution to the sport of cricket is significant, that’s no excuse to treat women like objects, Mr. Samuels. NONE.

“So how it hard fi focus?” Spice asked.

Spice It Up! was certainly not lacking any flavour for its first episode (Photo:

“It depends; fi a man like me weh used to two/three woman, it hard fi focus,” Samuels replied.

Spice, looking into the camera, was visibly irritated by the ‘happy wife-double-girlfriend’ household. She blasted such submissive women like Marlon’s for being the source of her own set of relationship problems.

“Submissive women like that a dem mek me have problem wid man. A dem now tek di tings dem from and when me get a man and me start talk, yuh hear seh mi a problem!”

Tell dem, Spice!

Enough spotlight for now, Marlon, and back to the show. I happen to like this new direction, Spice, tackling common issues in relationships from the vantage point of both sexes.

That’s great. The questions were also relevant to the episode and I’m already set to watch a few more installments. Good job,!

Spice, lookin’ snatched! (Photo:

Donisha was much more amenable to the idea of bun-fi-bun, even though she admitted when it happened to her, she didn’t return the favour.

“I believe in bun-fi-bun but due to how mi did get it and neva give it back still,” she said, adding that what’s good for the men is fair game for women, even cheating…

Yes! Equality!!!

Episode 1 of Spice It Up! tackled ‘Tables Turn’ (Photo:

In the words of that epic Macka Diamond/Blackr collab, BUN HIM.

Marlon Samuels’ entitlement came to the fore once more, when Spice asked him if he loved any of the three women he was with. He said no, he “respects them”.

“Mi have feelings fi all three women,” he began.

“And you love all three?” Spice asked.

Among the topics, ‘Would you take back a partner who cheated?’, were hotly contested on the pilot episode of Spice It Up! (Photo:

“No, nuh love,” Samuels responds, “Mi respect all three women.”

Pack up, dance done. Lock off di party, carry home unno sound system because mi finish.

See y’all next episode and check out episode one, courtesy of below: