By Simone Michelle: The DIY Queen

By Simone Michelle, the DIY Queen (Photo: SkkanMe)

Simone Neilson, more popularly known as By Simone Neilson inherited her creativity and resourcefulness from her parents. Her mom would always be sewing something and her dad would be making all kind of things around the house. She remembers watching them, questioning them, and learning. Now she is creating a platform where others can learn from her.

By Simone Michelle engages with people who are interested in learning to create DIY pieces for themselves on her social media platforms. She teaches them to make anything; from a comfy mat from pieces of old clothes, to designing your very own face mask. She, through her creativity and gift, has earned the title “DIY Queen”, and BUZZ wanted find if we could learn a thing or two from her.

What’s the difference between DIY pieces and thing bought in stores? That personal touch (Photo: SkkanMe)

BUZZ: What was the first functional DIY piece that you created?

Simone Neilson: A bag! When I was in prep school I made bags from old jeans and decorated them with all sorts of gems, studs, puff paints etc.

BUZZ: What is the most treasured piece that you’ve created?

Simone Neilson: I couldn’t possibly name one! I think my favorite piece is the one I just created lol. Right now, I’m loving how easy, functional and cute this mask is! Lol

How about making your own mat? (Photo: SkkanMe)

BUZZ: How do you hone your DIY skills?

Simone Neilson: By just creating more, trying things I haven’t tried before, and pushing myself to create things that are not only functional, but also very aesthetically pleasing.

BUZZ: Where do you normally source the raw material for your DIY projects?

Simone Neilson: All over! But mostly hardware stores or somewhere like Azan or All That Matters. But I also try to make a bunch of things with what I already have around the house.

Your DIY pieces gotta be functional (Photo: SkkanMe)

BUZZ: What’s the inspiration behind your designs?

Simone Neilson: Most times, if not all the time, function. Almost all my projects and endeavors resulted from me needing something or trying to repair or enhance something I had that wasn’t working. I often try to figure out how its made, get the hang of it, perfect the functionality of it, and then put my own creative spin on it!

BUZZ: How has the coronavirus impacted your creative process?

Simone Neilson: To be honest, it has given me more time to try more things and explore other mediums and techniques for new or old projects. I’ve been able to use this downtime to create things that I’ve always wanted to but didn’t have the time.

Can’t find anything in stores that matches your taste or complements that room? How about making it! (Photo: SkkanMe)

BUZZ: When did you start your swimwear collection?

Simone Neilson: My swimwear brand, miSimBeachBabe, was born about 5-6 years ago. She’s my baby, my firstborn, my first love!

BUZZ: Is it your only source of income or do you also have a 9-5 job?

Simone Neilson: My full-time job is as a Creative. I am a fashion and costume designer, I do social media management for small companies along with my art, including resin, DIY projects, woodworking and clockmaking.

BUZZ: What would you say to someone who wants to do some DIY projects, but is just scared to fail

Beautiful accent piece By Simone Michelle (Photo: Contributed)

Simone Neilson: JUST DO IT! I do a weekly DIY session Live on Instagram and literally every week persons tell me they want to try but they aren’t creative. And every single week I tell them to try it anyway. That’s the fun of DIY, you try, you fail, you try again, you go till it works. And when it does, you’ll feel so accomplished. I’d also suggest watching a tutorial for the project you’re trying to do over and over until you get it. Once you get pass the fear of failing, you’re half way there!

BONUS: We know you have to wear a mask when going outside and we got By Simone Michelle to show you how to make one from one of your old T-shirts.