ByCela: 22-year-old’s beauty brand delights customers with glow oils

Organic glow oils from ByCela provide the right amount of shimmer.

At 22 years old, Celine Deidrick is securing the bag with her organic glow oil brand, ByCela.

ByCela comes in four different glow oils – Auric Skin, Cocoa Skin, Cinna Skin and Rose Skin. Their colours are gold, bronze, champagne and blush pink, respectively. The oils also come with a kabuki brush.

Auric skin provides a subtle glow.

Deidrick explained that women are hungry for shimmer, and she provides just that through her brand – from a light glow to shimmer that you can’t ignore. If the desire is something subtle, then Auric Skin and Cocoa Skin are perfect. But you can turn up the kilowatt with Cinna Skin and Rose Skin.

So, how does this one-year-old company manage to keep floating locally when competitors like Fenty Beauty are dominating the market with similar products?

Kabuki brushes are provided with the glow oils.

“We strive to provide as much information as possible on the brand and its products to everyone,” she explained. “Being a vendor at social events that fall within our target market helps. It allows persons to sample and ask questions about our products which in turn gives them an actual experience with our products.”

Deidrick, who is also a final-year university student, told BUZZ that her regional and international customers are usually pleased with the glow oils.

Rose Skin might be just what the doctor ordered.

“Our online content shares the results of our products and our customers’ experiences so that persons will know exactly what to expect when purchasing from us,” she disclosed.

And as her business grows, there is no slowing down for Deidrick. She intends to continue selling her products at events and via her website,