California rocket crash kills man testing if ‘Earth was round or flat’

“Mad” Mike Hughes’ home-made rocket launches in California on Saturday, March 24, 2018. The self-taught rocket scientist, who believes the Earth is flat, propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air before a hard-landing in the Mojave Desert that left him injured. (Photo:

‘Mad’ Mike Hughes, a Flat-Earth conspiracist and daredevil, was killed over the weekend after the rocket he attempted to fly into outer space, to prove whether the planet was round, crashed.

Hughes, 64, died when his self-engineered rocket plummeted back to Earth on Saturday afternoon (Feb. 22) on private property near Barstow, California.

The former limousine driver and Guinness world record holder had previously completed one launch in May 2018, however, the conspiracist injured his back upon landing.

From what could be seen in videos of Saturday’s launch, the life-saving parachute was ripped to shreds after lift-off. Hughes’ steam-powered rocked soared upwards, before beginning its descent after 10 seconds in the air.

Screams from onlookers ripped through the area as persons watched helplessly as the rocket slammed into the desert.

Hughes and his home-made, steam-powered ‘Research Flat Earth’ rocket. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Back in 2018, Hughes propelled himself about 1,875 feet (570 meters) into the air. He deployed one parachute and then a second one but still had a hard landing in the Mojave Desert in California.

Hughes said that his ultimate goal was to fly to the edge of outer space to determine for himself whether the world is round.

“I don’t want to take anyone else’s word for it,” the daredevil argued. “I don’t know if the world is flat or round.”

In another video posted on his YouTube site, Hughes said he also wanted “to convince people they can do things that are extraordinary with their lives.”