Can you love more than one person at the same time?

No, it’s not a trick question. It’s pretty straightforward but the answer may be complex as love is an emotion that even the best philosophers and scholars have failed to decipher.

Love can give one the greatest feeling or the biggest heartbreak.

It has no rhyme, reason or rationale which is why you may look at someone else’s relationship or partner and shake your head in amazement because it spells no sense to you. Love can render you the giddiest high or at the other end of the spectrum give you the worst heartbreak of your life.

When it comes to love, nothing will ever compare to the purity and potency of your first love. That magical feeling generated is a high no earthly drug can replicate, so if you keep searching for that kind of replacement you will always be disappointed. But back to the question at hand. Some older people who have lived and loved will say that it is quite possible that you can have this emotion for more than one individual as both persons may bring something different to the table and what one possesses, the other lacks and vice versa.

Trying to commit to more than one person will eventually take its toll on the person splitting attention.

However, we at times confuse infatuation with love. A good gauge is when it does not last longer than a few months or better yet, when you are not horizontal in bed and realise you have nothing to talk about and nothing in common. Then you know that it was just your hormones acting up and not deep-rooted feelings.

Yes, you can have feelings for more than one individual but you cannot love two (or more) equally. Something will eventually have to give which means you shortchange one person. What you give to one or both will eventually be watered down because love is a verb that requires action and you cannot sustain that momentum. Save yourself the stress of juggling and stretching yourself thin by just going all in with one person, you can thank me later.