Ce’Cile encourages daughter to be anti-bullying

Dancehall artiste, Ce’cile with daughter, Christiyana

Dancehall artiste Ce’cile is just trying to make sure her daughter grows up to be a decent human being.

In a clip, shared on her Instagram, Cecile encourages her eight-year-old daughter, Christiyana to be kind to people, and to be anti-bullying. “We don’t condone bullying, and we don’ like bullying whether it be physical or verbal,” she told her daughter.

While explaining to her what physical and verbal means.

“You will be nice to people, you will be respectful, you will be kind,” she added. You won’t think that you’re better than anybody else,” to which Christiyana responded with a resounding “No!”.

“In this world sometimes, people think material things makes you better” Ce’cile continued.

“Bullying is wrong, and it’s not good, and you can’t do that to God’s creatures. He will get mad at you, and send a flood,” Christiyana chimed in.

But while Ce’cile was sharing these important gems, Christiyana had some knowledge of her own too.

“I like Marcus Garvey, our library teacher told us that he was the one who taught us that our skin colour was nice,” she told a delighted Ce’cile.

She also shared that her favourite National Heroes are Norman Manley, because of the airport named after him, and she likes to travel, and Nanny because she’s a girl.