Ce’Cile takes first walk without crutches after 2020 foot injury

Jamaican singjay Ce’Cile is encouraging folks to be thankful for things often taken for granted.

Her message comes as she makes inroads in her recovery from an injury to her right foot which she suffered last year.

“I literally walked today for the 1st time in a few months without crutches,” she revealed last night. “My right leg has lost so much muscle tone that it looks different from my left leg. I literally have to be taught how to naturally walk again. I’m still in braces for another week and hopefully will be off crutches fully in soon. My other existing injuries got worse because of lack of use of my right foot. The pain was horrible, but the lesson was beautiful.”

“Taking a moment to just appreciate we self. We hand and foot and eyes and ears.”

– Ce’Cile

The latter included gratitude for the simple and overlooked things, like mobility and good friends.

“We take so much for granted. Like we limbs dem. We also overlook others less fortunate (in terms of disabilities). It was so hard for me to open doors while holding my crutches or carry bags, carry food etc. I had to sit at home and try find other ways to earn 1. The pandemic and 2. Not being able to walk. Thanks to my friends who were there when i called, who came to visit me or just talked to me when i got depressed about it. But from my IG ONE WUD NEVER KNOW.”

She added, “I did a whole photoshoot in pain and unable to pose. I also fell 2 Sundays ago but that was my own damn fault for leaving my house. Taking a moment to just appreciate we self. We hand and foot and eyes and ears. And help others when u can. #bigup”

As she inches closer to a life of normalcy, she is gearing up to release her second children’s book, My Hair Story, on March 12.