Celebrating the 61st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica Ines Fors Fernandez (centre) her husband Ibrahin Ortega Oquendo in discussion with Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska, head of the Delegation of the European Union to Jamaica.

All roads led to the Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica’s residence (Ambassador Ines Fors Fernandez) at Millsborough in Kingston where the 61st Anniversary of the Cuban revolution was celebrated.

Addressing her guests, Ambassador Fors said: “Relations between Cuba and Jamaica go beyond numbers, the number of exchanges or the numbers of agreements signed. Our relationship is much deeper, profound and sublime and can never be measured in the above terms. Cuba’s relationship with Jamaica shows that it’s possible to have a friendly and emotional relationship based on sharing and mutual respect.”

The Ambassador pointed to the UN Human Development Report of 2019 which states that Cuba’s Human Development Index value for 2018 is 0.778 which puts it in the high human development category—positioning it at 72 out of 189 countries and territories… above the average of 0.759 for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also made mention of Cuba’s excellent health care programme and cited a British Medical Journal report in October 2019 which read: “Cuba has excellent child health as illustrated by its low child mortality rates. Child mortality rates in Cuba have all been lower than in the USA for many years. Cuba has the second-lowest under 5 mortality rate in the Americas behind Canada.”

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