Celebrities who became mommies in their 40s

They always look fabulous and we’re sure they had an extra glow when their dreams of motherhood were fulfilled.

Here is a list of women who became mothers after age forty and still manage to have their careers soar while having a boob in the mouth of their little one, off stage and off-screen.  

1. Halle Berry. Actress.

It went so nice, she did it twice!!

2. Gwen Stefani. Singer.

The third time was a charm as she had her third child in her 40s

3. Rachel Zoe. Fashion Designer. 

Now she can dress up her baby in all designer bling

4. Laura Linney. Actress.

At age 49 she popped out her first baby!

5. Tina Fey. Actress/comedian.

She was excited by the unexpected news shortly after turning 40

6. Mariah Carey. Singer.

How about not one, but two babies at age 42. Talk about a double blessing.

7. Nicole Kidman. Actress.

Did it at 41 and wants to try for one more

8. Celine Dion. Singer.

She got twins after several rounds of IVF treatment.

(Photo by Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

9. Salma Hayek. Actress. 

She did it her way at age 41

10. Michelle Duggar. Reality star.

She was 42 when she welcomed her 19th child!