Chance the Rapper told his wife ‘let’s get married’ when he was nine

Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper told his wife he wanted to marry her when he was just nine.

The hip hop star previously recalled the touching story of how he met Kirsten for the first time when he was a kid at his mom’s office party where she and her friends performed as Destiny’s Child, and he’s admitted he was smitten as soon as he clasped eyes on her.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he said: “My mom worked at a real estate agency with her mom. Her daughters love to dance so they did a choreographed dance at this real estate party that I was at when I was 9. I saw her dancing and I was like, ‘Let’s get married!'”

Chance – who welcomed his second daughter, Marli, with Kirsten last week – previously shared a picture of his spouse as a child and told their love story on Instagram.

He wrote: “Storytime. A thread on how I met my wife. This photo was taken on the day that I first met my wife!”

He later clarified that, after their first meeting, he didn’t come face-to-face with Kirsten again until almost a decade later.

The couple – who also have four-year-old Kensli together – married in March in front of 150 guests including the likes of Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West and comedian Dave Chappelle at the Pelican Hill resort in Newport Beach, California.