Changes underway to improve Reggae Sumfest 2020

Reggae Sumfest promoter Joe Bogdanovich is assuring patrons that all the necessary arrangements are being made to guarantee the utmost comfort for the show next year.

A section of the large crowd at Reggae Sumfest.

He acknowledged that some patrons experienced discomfort as a result of the large crowd that attended the 27th staging of the two-day show last month.

Reggae music lovers from across the world converged on Catherine Hall Montego Bay to experience a full line up of Reggae and Dancehall icons.

The festival drew its largest crowd of approximately 40,000 patrons over the two-night period.

Joe Bogdanovich (at right), Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Tourism minister Ed Bartlett at Sumfest.

“Our top priority will be to ensure safety and comfort”

— Joe Bogdanovich

“With explosive growth comes challenges, demands and heavy responsibility. Next year we will continue to grow and improve the overall experience,” Bogdanovich said.

“We have already started planning for  Sumfest 2020 and our top priority will be to ensure safety and comfort for our patrons so that they are able to enjoy the experience of  The Greatest Reggae Festival on Earth to the fullest,” he added.