Chargii gets high on new single

Dancehall artiste Chargii is hoping to get a breakthrough with his latest single High Like This, a collaboration with deejay Khxos.

Jamaican entertainer Chargii believes he has what it takes to make it big in the music industry.

Released by California-based Delicious Vinyl, High Like This was produced by Chargii.

“I’m very hands-on as I’m able to produce, write and engineer a track.”

— Chargii

“This song’s inspiration fed from the high energy of the riddim. The lyrics display a mixture of my personality and style,” said Chargii.

“The song was actually made on the set of the music video shoot for Khxos’s song, Tambrin. I played the rhythm, which was just an idea we developed and recorded. We shot the music videos two days later in Las Vegas.”

Learning the ropes

Born in California to Jamaican parents, Chargii moved to Jamaica at a young age. He spent 18 years living in Jamaica and attended Wolmer’s Boys’ School.  

His love for music began at a young age.

“I was introduced to music at a tender age through my father. He was a musician and had a lot of instruments and music equipment lying around that I used to play with as a child. As I got older, I started getting more serious about it and decided to develop my talents by teaching myself how to produce, write and record. By the time I was in high school, I had learnt enough to compose original music, using my own production and lyrics, and it’s been non-stop ever since.”

Growing in the industry

However, his entry into music began at the famous Big Ship studios in Havendale where he learnt the ropes of being a producer.

“I recorded at Big Ship Studio. My first project was a rhythm called ‘Footprint’ that had songs from Laden, OC and Axygen”, said Chargii. 

Born Fabian Schaff, Chargii, 25, says he has a lot to bring to the music industry.

“I’m very hands-on as I’m able to produce, write and engineer a track. My aim is to collaborate and produce singles with other artistes. I also want to release more music, especially projects and continue to learn and grow in the industry,” he said.