Chic and neat ‘Thred Designs’: Davin Blake says sister Sevana is helping to push his brand

Davin Blake wants Thred Designs to become an international brand.

Ask the average male teenager about his hobbies, and sewing will probably be among the least reported. But as a student of the Frome Technical High School in Westmoreland, Davin Blake would often find himself behind a sewing machine, adjusting pants for himself and friends.

“Mi like mek complicated things and new things.”

— Davin Blake

What started as a stitch here and there to maintain a neat appearance, has evolved into Thred Designs, the chic yet spunky apparel often sported by dulcet vocalist, Sevana, who also happens to be his sister.

Sevana serves ‘body’ in this outfit that was designed by her brother, Davin.

“I had no interest in being a fashion designer honestly. I grew up with my great-grandaunt who was a dressmaker, and I started taking in my own pants by hand, and I liked the creativity of it,” Blake told BUZZ. “Eventually I started sewing on the machine, and it became even more incredible. My family has supported me; my mother had a cousin, a senior elder that helped me, and I met a few instructors that helped me along the way. I’m still learning, but it’s been a great journey so far.”

Complicated designs

Great indeed when you have a sister who rocks your pieces across the world, on and off stage.

Blake is the architect behind Sevana’s suspender jumper look in her music video for Nobody Man, and even her recent all-white, Selena-esque ensemble at the UNPLUGD acoustic show in Kingston.

“Mi like mek complicated things and new things, cause after a while yuh feel like testing your skills,” Blake said. “For her (Sevana) now, sometimes she will tell me the vibe, and I make some outfits which she chooses from. Right now, mi a mek something for her like a corset with puffed sleeves for her EP cover. Mi like mek challenging pieces like that.”

The 26-year-old also has a knack for designing female clothing.

“Mi glad seh mi a sew and mi like sewing overall, but especially for females because dem kinda spend more money so it mek it even better,” he said. “A man will buy clothes fi him woman and nuh buy clothes for himself, but a woman like to see when a man tek een him clothes so it works out.”

Dreams for the brand

A fun and flirty classic red dress from Thred Designs.

His ability to create anything from the simple to the complex resonates with his brand name, as he explained: “A thread can be soft, weak, strong, long… a thread can be a link, so I like that there’s all these aspects to it. I also do music as well, and my artiste name is Thred, so it’s like a package and brand.”

Blake also has grand dreams for this brand and aspires to become a household name in the near future.

“I want to take it internationally cause Sevana a push it, plus my girlfriend is modelling it too, so I see it going internationally,” he said. “It a go coming like Koffee ting, or bigger, I swear.”