‘Childbirth is serious business’: Amita using walking stick after giving birth

Media personality Amita Persaud Webb

A walking stick, and a haircut, in what appears to be her favourite place-the beach. After her glamorous maternity photoshoot some weeks ago, media personality Amita Persaud Webb, knew that her almost 90,000 Instagram followers were expecting something no less alluring for her ‘snap back’ post after giving birth.

Amita Persuad Webb in her maternity photoshoot

What they received however, was something real. In her first Instagram post in four weeks, Persaud Webb chastised people for the unrealistic expectations often placed on women bodies after giving birth.

“This isn’t a snap back post. Me know how you love them. We love to romanticize women’s bodies post baby… well here yah go,” she wrote.

In contrast to her nonchalant tone, Persaud Webb highlighted the seriousness of what she had to endure giving birth.

“A back injury, painkillers, and a few weeks later. We forget that child birth is actually serious business, and just about anything can happen. Give thanks!,” she continued.

Her openness was welcomed by her followers, with many agreeing with her, and praising her for her honesty.

“Get well soon amita! And this transparency is everything the timeline needs. A strong mother! 🙏🏾Inspiring,” one person commented.

“Giving birth is no joke! It’s only God that keeps us. I pray continual healing and love and beauty into your life,” another wrote.