China to build ‘COVID-proof’ city for future lockdowns

Lots of countries are trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus or find vaccines, but China is already planning ahead with a ‘COVID-proof’ city.

Each apartment will come with a large balcony. (Photo: Guallart Architects)

The self-sufficient city is being developed for people to live in during future lockdowns. It is said that the designs will include units with large balconies. In addition, there will be solar panels, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, communal workspaces, pool, food market and a kindergarten. A super cool feature it will have is drone-friendly terraces for those well-needed deliveries.  

The plan is being done by Guallart, a group of Spanish architects who won a competition to build a community in Xiong’an, China.

“Our proposal stems from the need to provide solutions to the various crises that are taking place in our planet at the same time, in order to create a new urban life-based in the circular bioeconomy that will empower cities and communities,” Guallart said in a statement.

No date has been given for the construction.