Chinese entrepreneur sells Trump Buddha statues

Unfortunately, there are still some people who want more of former US President, Donald Trump’s presence. And a furniture-maker in China has taken advantage of this need, casting statues of the controversial former president in a pose more readily associated with the Buddha.

The statue, with Trump’s hands folded in his laps, thumbs pointing outwards, is a pose from Buddhist art that signifies meditation and contemplation, something that hardly anyone would associate with Trump.

The seller, based in Xiamen, Fujian province, promotes the statue with the slogan “Make your company great again!”.

It is sold for 999 Chinese yuan ($150 USD) for the small version, which measures 1.6 metres tall. But a larger version, listed as 4.6 metres tall, is available for 3,999 yuan ($610).

According to the seller said they had already sold “dozens” of the 100 statues manufactured so far.