Chiney K says colours are in for summer 2021, debuts new blonde look

It’s official social media influencer Chiney|K is now a blonde.

The influencer and Joli Faire Hair entrepreneur recently sat down inside J’Max’s salon and spa, where she was dyed and styled by hairdresser to Kingston’s socialites, Wayne Maxwell.  

Chiney|K, whose real name is Kerry-Ann Collins, said that she was getting a little bored of rocking her natural colour and noted that she dyed her curly locs in order to jazz thing up a bit.

According to the social media influencer, colours are in for the summer and after the horrible pandemic year, Collins anticipates that more people will be using their hair to express themselves and to vent pent up frustrations.

“You find in the summer time, especially in Jamaica, people take chances when they’re not working and have vacation time, they throw a colour in their hair because they are not able to be as expressive at other times,” explained Collins.

“Especially given COVID! And I would like to think that we’re on the horizon of Andrew opening up, I think people are just going to go wild and do funky things with their hair to kind of celebrate,” she added

Collins shared that hair, particularly in the Caribbean, is a big thing for women, who are always looking for ways to enhance their look.

Not only can a new hair-do enhance your look, Collins said it can be a big self-esteem booster.

Collins, who is known to rock some pretty out there colours, added that while she encourages everyone to get funky with their hair for the summer and let it be a canvass on which they express their personality, she cautioned that the dying process was pretty serious technique and recommended that people utilise a licensed hair practitioner when making such a change.