Chiney K talks biggest competitor on The Social House, plans for prize money

After being declared the winner of the first season of the elimination-style reality tv show, The Social House, Chiney K is ready to dish on her experience.

With her prize money safely stowed, Chiney K, in an exclusive with BUZZ shared what it was really like to be a participant on the show.

According to Chiney K, the overall experience was a pleasant one, however, initially she was a bit apprehensive about joining the cast.

“Well, at first, when the opportunity came to me, I was a little skeptical. But after I gave it, some thought it was a no brainer. And I figured it could only help me and my brand, and also introduce me to new fans, new followers, and to a bigger audience,” explained Chiney K.

“In the beginning, I was very nervous. But once I got into the house, and got to meet everyone, it was all good, we all got along, there was no beef or anything like that. I was pretty familiar with everyone that was going to be in the house, some closer than some. Pine I have worked with before in the past. Perry, we did something together a few weeks before the Social house, so I did not know that he was going to be a part of the project,” she added.

Chiney K shared that as the show progressed she became more confident and more invested in winning.

However, she was also conscious of her competitors, who had various strengths, some that even took her by surprise.

“A lot of people kind of count Fatskull out. In the sense that in the physical challenges you look pon Fatskull; like you wouldn’t think Fatskull would be the one to excel in a physical challenge and that proved very different in the Chukka Cove episode,” she said.

“I nearly busted my face and Fatskull was the one who won that challenge. And that was because he explained that where he lived, from back in the day, he is used to going up and down the hill. So, that was something he’s been doing since he was young- he definitely took the cake on that one,” she added.

I didn’t want Perry to have that last laugh

While Fatskull’s physical prowess stunned Chiney K she noted that she was hell bent on not allowing Quite Perry to have the last laugh.

However it wasn’t just Perry that Chiney K kept an eye on but also social media influencer, Sue.

While explaining that every influencer had their own strengths and weaknesses, the Joli Faire entrepreneur shared that it was Perry and Sue that she saw as her biggest competitors and wanted to beat.

“And of course, you know, the show is all fun and games but I just did not want Perry to have that last laugh. I just didn’t want him to have that over me. And where Sue is concerned, it’s like two females in the house. And for some reason people always put them together or assume that there is some kind of tension or something going on. And because there is only two of us, I wanted to make sure I was going to be the top female in the house, ” Chiney K said.

“The best thing for me, in the show, and just in general, people that laugh at you and have negative things to say about you, not saying they did – just saying in general. The best thing you can do to silence those people is to excel. ” added Chiney K.

Finding the courage to eat a cow’s tongue

And excel Chiney K did, and going all out at that- having to eat a cow tongue.

Chiney K said that after almost being eliminated, she started to buckled down even more, recognizing what was at stake, and so when the eating challenge came up she braced herself.

“I was previously in the elimination [hot seat]. It was one out of the three of us that could have been booted. And I was one of them. I just, I just did not want to be eliminated, especially so close to the very end,”Chiney K explained.

Chiney K added that at first she thought why her, however, she later became more concerned with not letting down her team of followers and most definitely not letting Perry have the last laugh.

According to Chiney K, she barely heard the instructions and ended up even eating something she wasn’t suppose to.

Chiney K revealed that her focus was on overcoming the challenge in front of her and winning.

Admittedly, Chiney K said while winning was rewarding it was also a surreal experience, noting that it was totally unexpected but it gave her a big boost in confidence and new fans.

” I really didn’t know how it was going to go. I was in utter shock and disbelief when Rushcam said, Chiney K. The first thing that came to my head was ‘Oh my god. Team Chiney K we did it’.

“So it was like a win and a celebration for all of us [Team Chiney K]. I was so happy,” she added.

Apart from investing some of the funds won on the Social House into her hair care line, Chiney K is contemplating investing in an apartment in Kingston.

Born Kerry-Ann Collins, Chiney K, rose to social media stardom in 2016 with her On My Mind series, she later started the Joli Fare hair care line.