Chores men do for women that they would prefer not to

No one likes to do chores. And if this chore is being done for someone else, it is even more de-motivating a task. Men, in general, are not great housekeepers, but love and loyalty will get any good guy to ‘man up’ and get the job done even if he is not ‘feeling it’.

The following are a bunch of stuff your dude may do for you just because you are you, not because he likes doing them. Show appreciation when he is done and ‘big him up’ for it so that the next time he may be a little more willing. 

1. Hang your underwear on the line. Some men struggle to come to terms with this as if removing clean undergarment is tantamount to forced labour.

2. Shop for tampons or sanitary napkins in the supermarket/pharmacy. This is the ultimate covert mission.

3. Shave you. However, if it is still early days and they have not gotten any ‘nookie’ yet, then this clearly does not apply!

4. Polish your nails. Really ladies? Your girlfriend does a better job.

5. Make the bed. They never can arrange all the throw cushions and the pillows the right way.

6. Watch another chick flick with her on a Saturday night. Just how many insipid Hallmark movies are there?

7. Put the toilet seat down. Yup, it is a big deal for women.

8. Fold and put away laundry. They really do despise it.

9. Go with you to the doctor. They actually believe it is your best friend’s or your mother’s job

10. Listen to her whine about the co-worker she cannot stand. And they cannot stand to hear another episode of “Can you believe Shaunnah said…”

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