Chores women do for men that they’d prefer not to do!

When it comes to chores we do for you men, you all seem to think of it as a ‘bonding experience’. Well, we do not. There is nothing bonding about work. Watching a movie is bonding or going out to a nice meal; folding your clothes while you play video games…not so much.

If we are being totally honest, there are quite a few things we would rather pass on doing but continue to do in order to be considered a good friend or potential ‘wifey’ material. Please note that as the years go by we intend to stop doing them one by one until we have eliminated as many as possible from our roster. You were forewarned.

  • Wash your underwear. Skid marks are an unpleasant surprise that no woman should have to face!
  • Cut your toenails. Men’s feet generally are atrocious appendages that we should cut off in your sleep!
  • Rub liver spot ointments all over your back. Have you ever stopped to smell how nauseating that thing is?
  • Wash your socks. Athlete’s foot and its resulting odour is no joke!
  • Get up and warm your food when you get home. As if your hands become fins when you step through the door.
  • Put down the toilet seat after you have used it. How hard is that for you to remember to do?  
  • Pick up your plate after you have eaten your meal. So is this where the whole Christian submission thingy comes in? Asking for a friend.
  • Cut your hair. Trimming hair is a messy business and while we appreciate you being all clean-shaven and cute, sometimes we would prefer you just go to the barber and get it done than leave bits of hair all over the room.
  • Trimming your pubes. Sigh. As much as we love your ‘junk’, it would be nice if you get a handheld mirror and take care of that bush yourself. We do ours and you don’t see us asking for assistance!
  • Organising your sneakers by colour. You bright bad! It’s a no for me, love!