Chris Paul memoir to be released in September

Basketball star Chris Paul will release his first book in September.

The memoir, Sixty-One: Life Lessons, On and Off the Court, is a tribute the Paul’s late grandfather, Nathaniel Jones, who died while he was in high school.

The book is being written along with journalist and broadcaster Michael Wilbon. Its title refers to a high school game he played following Jones’s death, in which he scored 61 points, one for each year his grandfather lived.

Sixty-One is a celebration of my Papa Chilly who helped shape who I am today and what I value,” Paul said in a statement.

“His legacy of hard work and service to others is woven through the fabric of my parenting, my community work and how I have approached my basketball career. That high school game where I scored 61 points was a healing moment through basketball and I am thrilled to work with Michael Wilbon to share this story with the world.”