Chrissy’s Coils: Crafted out of love

Ramos wants you to feel beautiful when wearing her pieces. (Photo: @Lexonart)

When you adorn yourself with a piece from Chrissy’s Coils, designer Christen Romans wants you to feel beautiful, and confident enough to experience the freedom that comes from embracing everything that is uniquely you.

designer Christen Romans

Extravagant and classic

Her pieces are made from aluminium, copper, sterling silver and gold-filled wire. Romans told BUZZ that each piece is handmade with care, precision and love; intricately designed to represent her Afrocentric roots, but also slightly extravagant and classic.

Romans pieces are inspired by her Afrocentric roots.

“I try to create things that I haven’t necessarily seen before or I will put a spin on a classic design concept.”

— Romans

While the business has seen success, Romans embarked on the venture by chance.

“I always loved jewellery, and I would save my lunch money in high school to buy little pieces that stood out to me. But I could never find any nice clip on earrings because my ears aren’t pierced. Then a friend of mine suggested that I should try making jewellery out of wire,” she said. 

The pieces from Chrissy Coils are classic.

 “I started wearing my pieces and people around me began to say that they would buy my creations, so I just started selling them to interested persons,” she said. 

Long-lasting pieces

Two years later and Roman’s has had fashion influencers wearing her pieces. She has also created a reputation of style and uniqueness for herself.

“I try to create things that I haven’t necessarily seen before or I will put a spin on a classic design concept,” she said. 

Each piece is handmade.

Done to order

Her pieces are done to order, and Roman’s prides herself on her pieces being very long-lasting.

“The lifespan of a piece depends on how you care for them really. People have come to me saying that they still have pieces from four years ago when I just started. I try to use the right material for the type of piece so that my clients can get the best use out of them,” she said. 

Her pieces can be ordered via her Instagram page.

The 25-year-old Westmoreland native told BUZZ that she is currently working on her website, but for now, her pieces can be ordered via her Instagram page (@chrissys_coils).

Each piece is sold for between $1,000 and $15,000 depending on the design, type of material used.