Christmas without the kids: How do you cope?

During Christmas, parents normally make an effort to make their children feel special. They create different traditions that centres around them. But if you’re recently divorced, and don’t have the kids then your first Christmas without them can be difficult. So how do you cope? 

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Psychologist Dr. Leahcim Semaj advises that you extend the joy of Christmas to others who are in a similar situation. “The solution is easier than you would want to project, you find people in the same apartment, in the same community, going through some loss, and you guys come together to reach out to each other, instead of being by yourself,” he said. 

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Semaj said its best to change the things you have some control over, so utilize the technology that you have access to, and stay in touch.

“Now a days we have skype, even better we have Whatsapp call, so you can reach out to them. You’re able to see them while you talk to them,” he said

“Don’t matter how much you cry and fret, its not going to bring them back, so you just have to make do with what you have control over,”  he added.