Christopher’s: At Hermosa Cove (Part 1)

A breathtaking view of the pearly Caribbean Sea from Christopher’s (Photo contributed,

The name is definitely an ode to the explorer Christopher Columbus, but there is nothing mistaken about this restaurant.

Located at the Hermosa Cove in St. Ann, even the architecture was deliberate in its appearance – seemingly taking a step back in time to a time of pirates and castles. Wooden floors and a breath-taking view of the Caribbean Sea is enough to melt all the worries of this modern life away.

My first visit was on a whim and initially with the assistance of Google Maps (bad idea). But, after calling the office for directions finding the neatly tucked away oasis was my true mission for the day. When you get to the security gate you will be asked your purpose for visit, so it makes sense to call ahead and let them know you are coming by. It just makes things easier.

Once you step in the dining area, the intoxicating of fresh bread and coffee is clearly a ploy to make you hungry. Hats off to Christophers (neat trick). I just wanted to see the place and maybe have a cocktail. However, my stomach twisted my arm and the result was cocktails, soup, and a beautiful entree.

Truthfully, my ultimate test for any bar or restaurant to ‘walk the walk’ that the decor and appearance talks, is a Piña colada. Yes, you heard me.

A cool Piña colada and the Christopher’s menu (Photo contributed)

Although the ingredients are simple enough it is one of those drinks that if fresh elements aren’t added to will taste like a mass-produced canned drink. I definitely expect that from a nice establishment.

I’m happy to report that the bar-tender did a good job and made me two Piña coladas.

Story written by Attalia Harriman*