Christopher’s (Part 2): Now, we eat!

So, after my happy stomach was in the ‘TGIF mood’ on a Wednesday after one Pina Colada, the brain thought it was a good idea to take an in-depth look at the menu and ask the patient waitress what was the ‘Soup de Jour’ (fancy way to say ‘soup of the day’).

Chef Arnold obviously takes into consideration the delicate whips of ocean salt that dances in the breeze when sitting at the restaurant as the Seafood medley soup was light, crisp and perfectly balanced with mahi mahi, shrimp, green mussels & veggies.

Perfectly seasoned and balanced Seafood medley soup is a whole mood (Photo contributed)

It wasn’t summer yet, but Jamaica can have some oppressively hot days, which make hearty thick soup only perfect on rainy days.  As if the soup wasn’t enough, and the second Piña colada, my friend, Chef Arnold and my stomach conspired against me and then came the pièce de résistance.

The show-stopper was the pan-seared Mahi Mahi loin.

A 2 1/2″ thick steak of fish perfectly crusted but juicy and flavourful in the delicate folds.

It was served on a bed of steamed cauliflower, pakchoi, zucchini, onions, broccoli & cabbage in coconut milk with just a dash of scotch bonnet pepper. Although scotch bonnet can give a hell of a punch, this dish just had enough to tease your tongue.

All that goodness was topped with a fresh salsa that made every bite of this dish a pleasure to eat. The textures and flavours in this dish surely earn #foodgasm status.

Most importantly after all that fancy ‘Top Chef’ experience, my purse was pleasantly surprised that my debit card didn’t request a sidebar convo after paying the bill. So, whether on #staycation as a local or #vacation as a visitor a trip down the quiet private road towards the Hermosa Cove property is worth it for a fabulous meal any day of the week.

Side note: For those who love jerked & barbecued food, Saturday night is the superb night to visit Christophers for dinner. Until then do it ‘For The Love Of Food’.

Story written by Attalia Harriman