Chronixx feels good vibrations on new track ‘Eternal Light’

It seems like anything that Chronixx touches is gold and we expect that his new track Eternal Light will definitely fall into line.

Chronixx (Credit: Ceejarts)
Chronixx (Photo: Ceejarts)

In his soulful, melodic way Chronixx brings that natural reggae vibe that the track requires. As he says in the track, “good vibrations yea, that’s the positive vibe we creating yea”.

The song is the brainchild of the band Free Nationals who we would know as the accompanying band for rapper Anderson Paak. 

Image result for Free Nationals
Free Nationals – the backing band for rapper Anderson Paak

The band has been slowly but steadily putting together a nice catalogue of music and Chronixx is the latest addition to this list.

Well, that was a big move as we are certain they have garnered a few more fans by dropping Chronixx on the track. 

Be sure to listen and let us know what you think BUZZ fam.