Common ‘Septemba Mawning’ woes

Many excited kids returned to school this week, and some of their parents were even happier than they were. But there were some children who were not in the mood for school.

Here are 10 common back-to-school woes.

1. Parents arguing with kids to get out of bed. After all, summer ended “quickly”.

2. A child somewhere thinks her uniform is too long and has left her house in tears.

3. Children are excited to show off their brand name bags, but not the textbooks.

4. A member of the football team bleached his face over summer and can’t get back to his true complexion in time for back to school.

5. A mother somewhere is arguing with the dressmaker because she gave her the material “how long and all now…”

6. A mother is present at her child’s school for the first and only time in the academic year.

7. A child doesn’t know which class she’s going into because her report wasn’t collected.

8. One boy’s khaki is way too fitted, and he will be sent home.

9. A child is late for school because the mother had to get some pics for Facebook.

10. A parent bought a pair of Clarks for a child who thinks it is very ugly because everyone else in the basic school is wearing Elsa from Frozen.

What other ‘Septemba Mawnin’ woes can you think of? Sound off in the comments section below.