Crazy excuses men give when caught cheating


Has someone ever told you such a boldfaced lie you wonder if they think you are that stupid? Not only does it make no sense but you feel they are insulting your intelligence on top of it. You wished they would just come clean but apparently ‘denial’ (the Nile) is not just a river in Egypt.

Some people will continue to lie to the bitter end before just manning up and being honest. Apparently Shaggy’s song It Wasn’t Me has so much influence on some players that they have it written in code into the players’ handbook. When you find that you have to resort to putting GPS on their cars, a tracking app on their phone or constantly jump through hoops to monitor their activities, baby girl, let them and their excuses go.

Peruse the below reasons that some men spew though they actually make themselves look dumb for even uttering them:

1. “I was just holding the condom for my friend!”: Apparently friends no longer have their own hands or pockets nowadays.

2. “Baby that’s YOUR underwear”: If it is one thing a woman remembers, it is her own draws! Particularly if the article is a size four and she is a size twelve!

3. “I only went to her house to fix her pipes”: You were fixing her pipes alright but not the ones in the bathroom.

4. “I let Devon use the bedroom as he doesn’t have any privacy at his house.”: What a good friend you are to let your friend ‘borrow’ and mess up your bed like that.

 5. “It was my twin, babes!”:  This must the dumbest and oldest line in history.

6. “Babes it was all a bad dream, memba that you were sleep walking!”: At least give them ‘A’ for effort. That one at least took some time to concoct.

7. “The cat scratch me. That could never be a hickey!” So cats dispense love mark now? Asking for a friend.  

8. “Honey that’s not weave, that’s the dog’s hair.”: Dogs do not shed that kind of cheap synthetic hair mixed with sweat and dirt.

9. “Is the helper must have left her drawers under the pillow to frame me.” Miss Mildred at age 55 does not really look the type to be wearing a thong so nice try but that one will not fly.