Cyber-flashing: Men who send unsolicited ‘dick pics’…

Some men prefer to make their intentions known with a picture instead of beating around the bush.

So, you attend a seminar and exchange numbers to make further contact to network. Low and behold, two days later you hear your phone ping you a notification, only to open the image and have your eyesight assaulted with the image of a penis. Like wow. Seriously? So, this man who does not know anything at all about you decided it was his right to push his luck and send you a ‘dick pic’.

Smile or snicker

Not only is it creepy, in poor taste and offensive, but to send an unsolicited picture of your phallic member is especially disgusting when it is nothing to write home about! If you are gonna go balls out, at least ensure that it will bring a smile and not a snicker. If it is tiny, weird looking or if it seems as if it needs medical attention, it is probably not a great idea to be sharing it with females who did not ask for such generosity.

It is said that four out of 10 women have received unsolicited sexually explicit images.

Just who do they think they are? Studies show that some four out of ten women reported being sent unsolicited sexually explicit images. Who died and made them feel that it is OK to overshare especially with people who are not even remotely interested in them? Is it confidence or arrogance? What would drive a man to send naked pictures of himself to a woman who he sometimes does not even have a tentative friendship with?


Most women see it as annoying, but ultimately harmless, which is why it continues unabated in large part. One UK researcher felt that the issue is one of harassment, but it is normally trivialised, as the law, for the most part, has not caught up with the practice. Because it is online or via a cell phone versus a man in a coat flashing you in real life, ‘cyber-flashing’ has basically been seen as nothing significant for the most part. But back to the question: Why do they do it?

While some women might be turned off by a dick pic, others will go all the way.

One school of thought is that they are seeking validation about their body and private parts. They send it to see if they can solicit compliments to feel good about themselves, as in reality, some will never ever strip naked in front of a woman in real life because they do not have the confidence to do so.

Numbers game

Another theory is that men find it as a means of excitement that can speed along a potential relationship and take it to the next level. Instead of beating around the bush and sending mixed signals and messages, they just cut to the chase without the poetry and the sweet words and literally put it all on the table.   

Most players think it is a ‘numbers game’, so they shoot their shot and hope for the best. They may send their picture to 10 women, eight of them will block them, two will respond, and of the two, one will find it appealing enough to play the game all the way to his 20-foot divan bed.

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