Dalton Harris says relationship with mentor Donovan Germain “ended” when he came out as pansexual

Jamaican singer Dalton Harris came out as a pansexual recently, and he said that the revelation impacted the father-son relationship he shared with producer Donovan Germain.

Dalton Harris

In a series of tweets on Monday, Harris explained that Germain is the only male figure in his life that never neglected him while he was growing up.

“I see my father as Donovan Germain. He is the first male figure that never walked out of my life or neglected me. After coming out as pansexual our relationship pretty much ended,” Harris said.

“Yet I still feel so fulfilled and happy cuz I feel like a baggage is gone.”

Germain mentored Harris after he won Digicel Rising Stars in 2010. In addition to being his producer and manager, he helped the youngster through school.

As Harris opened up on Twitter, he explained that he was not close to his biological father.

Donovan Germain

“I don’t have a relationship with my biological father. As a child he didn’t think I was his kid nor did his family. Because I had curly hair and didn’t “look like him”. I grew up to look just like him. But now I no longer do. I look like my Mom and member of my dads family,” Harris said.

Meanwhile, in more recent times, the 2018 X Factor winner has been trying the mend the relationship with his mother, Sylvia Campbell.

While competing in the United Kingdom singing competition, Harris shared stories of abuse, poverty and being homeless at 15 years old. Those stories were contradicted by his mother when she spoke to the media.