Dalton Harris slams IG user for accusing him of dating for UK citizenship, says ‘boyfriend’ is Italian

Within hours of showing off his new love interest on TikTok, singer Dalton Harris had to be on the defensive, with at least one Instagram user suggesting his relationship may be a smoke screen.  

In a now deleted comment on Instagram, a user suggested that the singer may be using his new partner as a pathway to UK citizenship.

“UK citizenship by any means necessary,” said one Instagram user, who took to the comment section below a video of Harris and his male partner, to share her feelings on the singer’s new romance.

The comment which had over 350 likes, caught the attention of Harris who was quick to shutdown the suggestion pointing out that his partner is Italian and not British.

“He’s Italian. I don’t date for favors. Not even in the court of public opinion, ” said a clearly annoyed Harris who also hopped in the comment section.

“You just want somen wrong fi be true, don’t. You sad but wish you all the best,” added Harris who attempted to scold the user with his words.