‘Dan Dan’ shares tips ahead of Valentine’s Day

Social media influencer Danar ‘Dan Dan’ Royal recently shared tips on courting a young lady in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Danar ‘ Dan Dan’ Royal

According to Dan Dan, the self-proclaimed ‘love doctor’, oftentimes men associate being single with being unattractive.

However, he believes that involuntary singlehood is the result of aspiring boyfriends having a poor approach. 

“People, Dan Dan here. Hi. And me talking to the gentlemens dem, how you doing my G,” began Dan Dan in his over four minute-long video.

“Ye man Valentine’s Day coming up and unno probably wondering why unno single and so. Unno probably a wonder why white scawl a mash up unno dm. And unno probably a seh to unno self a cause me nuh look good or because me nah no money – No a because unno nah no approach, yuh nah no style. You nuh know what fi do or what fi seh,” explained Dan Dan.  

Dan Dan went on to share nine tips that can help a young man to not only attract a partner but maintain a happy relationship.

Some of Dan Dan’s recommendations include: making your intentions clear, planning a date, paying close attention to detail and learning your partner’s love language.

The social media influencer, who has well over 100,000 followers, seems to have struck a chord with his female audience, many of whom endorsed his message.