Dancehall artiste Miss Chin gets baptised

Controversial artiste and social media personality Miss Chin has given her life to the Lord.

Miss Chin following her baptism yesterday.

Chin, who is also a babymother of dancehall singjay Kiprich, made the announcement on Instagram yesterday.

“Guess what today is?” she asked followers in her story. “Today is my day to be fully committed to the Lord.”

The artiste was cloaked in a blue cover-up as she recorded herself outside a church waiting for the monumental moment.

She updated followers after she got dipped. 

“People, just baptise,” she said in a video post. “Wonderful feeling. Mek mi tell yuh something, if my enemy dem did think seh this girl love dancehall and everything of the world more than how me love God and Jesus Christ, unno wrong, unno wrong. New woman in Christ, yes.”

Her new lifestyle is reflected on her page as the artiste has updated her bio to “Proud woman of God”. It seems the entertainer created a new account as her following is significantly less, and she only has a few posts (all scripture-related) since December.

The public may recall Chin (given name Yanique Shim) for her notorious online blasts of Kiprich, his parenting skills and the breakdown of their relationship. She has also gotten into nasty online brawls with other female artistes online including Shauna Controlla.

But anyone can turn a new page, and fans are issuing their well wishes.

“Am proud of u girl,” one person said. “The rite way to go, watch how blessings ago flow like a river.”

“Happy for you beautiful, right way. God bless you.*

“God is good all the time. Am too happy for you.”