Dancehall artiste Queen Nikki tells fans to expect a ‘new her’ following father’s death

Dancehall artiste, Queen Nikki, is currently in a state of mourning following the passing of her father.

However the ‘Best We Ever Feel’ artiste said that the death of her father has inspired a change within, her which she says will be evident to others soon.

Writing on Instagram, following his passing, she said, “Trust me I think my heart is too weak and way too pure I’ve learned alooot from what happen as soon as we bury our dad, don’t be surprise but it’s gonna be a new me”.

“Sometime when things happen open up your eyes, don’t play blind to them,” the former dancer added.

Queen Nikki further revealed that the death of her father had hit her pretty hard.

“I know I’m a strong individual but this hit me soon hard I even fainted,” she said in an Instagram post immediately following his passing.

Nikki’s father 62-year-old Errol Haye, a carpenter of Westmoreland , died from complications he developed from contracting pneumonia on August 30.

Haye is to be buried in Westmoreland on September 24th.