Dancehall is more popular than afrobeat, says UK-based artiste

UK-based entertainer Rudie Classic (Photo: Contributed)
UK-based entertainer Rudie Classic (Photo: Contributed)

Rudie Classic believes that dancehall music is one of the most vibrant genres of music in the world.

The deejay, who spends most of his time traversing between Jamaica and the UK, says the genre is growing leaps and bounds worldwide.

“A lot of people are saying dancehall music is dying, and Afrobeat is taking over, but that’s nonsense. Dancehall music is still very vibrant all over the world; it’s still growing and getting stronger. Everywhere you go in the UK there are venues that cater to dancehall events. Dancehall music is also playing heavily on the radio in the UK,” he said.

Rudie Classic

“Look at what’s happening in the US, all the rappers and R&B artiste are releasing dancehall-inspired tracks. They’re not going for Afrobeat, they’re working with the real dancehall vibes.”

Meanwhile, the soft-spoken deejay said that he is happy with the progress of his career.

“I’ve been travelling a lot between Jamaica and the UK to work on my career, and it’s paying off big time. I’ve done a lot of performances all over the UK, and I’m starting to get offers for shows in Europe and other places,” said Rudie Classic, who is currently getting attention for his song called Move that was released on September 6.