D’Angel and son list things they love about each other

Dancehall entertainer D’Angel and her son Marco-Dean recently sat down and gave a list of things they love about each other. Though the video, posted on D’Angel’s MAD YouTube channel, is headlined “10 things”, there is really no quota on detailing such traits between loved ones.

Marco-Dean, whose dad is deejay Beenie Man, kick-started the session.

“She’s resilient. She can cook. She is a loving person. She’s a good entertainer. She’s a very strong person. She’s a very spiritual person. She supports me in everything I do. She’s a fun person to be around. She’s kind and she’s loving and caring, not only for me but others.”

He added, “Overall, she’s a supermom and I love my mom. Happy birthday mom when it comes. I love you”

D’Angel will celebrate her birthday on April 1, but used the video to celebrate her son.

“He’s hilarious, he’s very very comical,” she started. “He has a big heart. He’s somebody that you can call a friend because he really values friendship and I love that about him from a tender age, I see that in him from inception. He’s a leader, he knows what he wants. He’s a very happy person. He’s very humble – a me raise him so weh yuh expect?… He’s talented; he’s a good dancer and a good singer.”

She continued, “He loves God and nowadays dem pickney here yuh cya steer dem in any direction they don’t want to go and from I see that he has that relationship with God, he loves God, that’s commendable. He is very creative… He’s resilient and he has an indomitable spirit. Yuh cya break his spirit and that really makes me love my son so much. My son unbothered; he’s in his own world (and) that’s why I really love how he’s becoming into a man… I really love the steps that my son is taking and he’s blossoming into an awesome human being and I’m just giving my son all my blessings.”

She ended with, “Wishing my son all the great things life has to offer and mi always ask God to cover me, keep me until mi son pass the worse. That’s every mother’s wish.”