D’Angel to start fitness journey

While many may deem the OnlyFans creator fit and fabulous, D’Angel says she hasn’t religiously exercised in three years and wants to resume a gym lifestyle. 

“During COVID I was doing some things inna mi living room, a workout and all these things – mi wouldn’t even call that workout…” the entertainer said in a cooking vlog one week ago.

“I need to start now and make it my lifestyle – my fitness journey – cause I’ve been slacking off and I think with the career I have and how busy and active I am as a person, as a human being, mi need fi get fit while I’m at it,” she added.

According to D’Angel, she has already purchased her gymwear and secured a good trainer. 

“I have a really, really, really hot trainer ladies… He’s very serious but when mi a train mi nuh look pon boy, mi just a workout. But ladies, he’s a really, really hot trainer. We went viral before so we’re gonna start my journey to fitness and it’s gonna be crazy,” she said.

Though she didn’t drop any names, she could be referring to fitness guru Black Jezuz/Romeo.

He played the male interest in her music videos for Decent Whine (2019) and Only You (2020) which were received with much fanfare because of their steamy scenes. Her mystery trainer could also be health and wellness coach Nathan Heaven with whom she recorded a quarantine workout skit months ago.

Either way, D’Angel is excited to take fans along and said she’ll also be eating healthier which shouldn’t be difficult based on her usual diet. 

“Mi nuh gain nuh weight since COVID, everybody else gain, mi nuh gain none, mi nuh know why,” she said. “Maybe true because mi active and mi nuh like fast food and mi eat real food and mi nuh snack a lot pon chocolate, ice cream, mi nuh like dem whole heap a something deh so maybe a dat and den mi metabolism is good so maybe a dat save me,” she added.

Other artists who have prioritised their fitness since the pandemic include Elephant Man, Dovey Magnum and Beenie Man.