D’Angel’s foundation in Spanish Town to ‘spread a little love’ today

D’Angel and her son, Marco-Dean.

D’Angel is back in Spanish Town to ‘Spread a Little Love’ as part of her efforts to give back during the festive season.

The artiste’s charitable endeavor is being done through her Angel’s Foundation and will see her delivering care packages to dozens of people in the historic parish capital today.

“Unu nuh haffi have nuh big money, if unu send US$5, mi thank u same way.”

-D’Angel on Instagram Live yesterday

In an Instagram video shared a short while ago, D’Angel and her teenage son, Marco-Dean, are seen bringing care packages to a tent where they will be disbursed to those in need.

The Stronger singer took to Instagram Live yesterday, December 21, to ask her followers to aid her efforts to help more people by making donations to purchase food supplies.

“Mi waan feed a hundred family and mi nuh really have nuh sponsor and mi just decide say mi haffi do this,” she said, adding that the contributions don’t have to be large. “Unu nuh haffi have nuh big money, if unu send US$5, mi thank u same way … It still a go a long way.”

She thanked corporate companies that have provided some assistance, including Honey Bun, CB Chicken and Cal’s, but noted that the foundation was being supported primarily by her and Marco-Dean, who she jokingly noted isn’t employed.

The artiste who previously held a similar treat in Spanish Town last December, also had stagings in April, when the pandemic hit, and again in September.