Dating a guy who lives with his parents

There are some rules which must be followed when dating someone who still lives at home.

You’ve found your dream guy and managed to overlook the fact that he still lives at home with his parents. The situation is far from ideal but you see potential in him so you try not to not notice when his parents walk across the living room or head to the kitchen when you are trying to watch a movie or have some alone time.

It’s all part and parcel of dating a guy living at home. As with most things, there are unspoken rules that you should abide by if you want the relationship to progress, hopefully to somewhere other than his parents’ home.

Forget about alone time, we hang out as a family now.

1.  The door to his room must be kept open at all times.

2. When you come over the house, you not only say hello to all the family but also play with the family pets.

3. Once a week, you help his mother to cook his favourite meals.

4. You cannot come over after 9:00 pm. If you do, then they will know just what’s up.

5. If he has younger siblings, you are expected to help them with their homework.

6. Family gatherings are mandatory, you’re family now.

7. Since you have been declared his girlfriend, no other girl can come over and claim that position.

8. You have most of your meals together.

9. Most of your time together may include the rest of the family since you are literally in their space.