Dating app requirements for millennials

Dating is a little now than when our parents would go out for walks and drinks.

Things and times have certainly changed. Gone are the days of walking in the park and holding hands or meeting for dinner and a movie. Nowadays people simply download a dating app and swipe left or right to indicate who they like or not.

Everything is based on looks so getting to know personalities and characters are secondary requirements as people are swayed by filters, photos and fake parts.

A lot more young women are skipping the whole romance aspect of dating and getting straight to dealing with it, much like a job interview, so they want to know what a guy brings to the table pretty quickly.

The following are some of their upfront dating requirements, so if you do not pass the preliminary test, do not even bother sliding into their DMs.

1. Nice body/abs

2. Muscles

3. Hair

4. Good job

5. Cool car

6. Money

7. Own apartment/town house

8. Sense of humour

9. Intellect

10. Large appendage!