Dating trends and pitfalls to look out for

Dating can be complex and in this digital age, it gets even more complicated.

There are few things as precarious as the dating relationship between a man and a woman. Its peaks and valleys all make for interesting stories you can share with your friends whether you find them funny or not. In searching for a mate, you should pay attention to the latest trends in dating if you want to stay ahead of the game.

If you know what to look for, then you can avoid the pitfalls, potholes and poop. Thank me later!

1. Breadcrumbing: This is when an individual sends you random, non-committal messages occasionally without ever agreeing to something deep or worthwhile. So every couple of days she may send you a picture or he may shoot you a “Good morning, beautiful” but when you try to follow up, you get silence. Basically, they feed you breadcrumbs to keep you interested.

2. Ghosting: By now most people know about this but it is always good to get reinforcement. In this scenario you thought you were dating someone and then boom! They delete their account, stop taking your calls, block you on every digital platform and just delete themselves from your life.

Imagine building a relationship with someone who just disappears into the blue one day.

3. Zombieing: Now it gets interesting. This is when after a period of time, they magically rise from the dead and suddenly start messaging you again out of the blue. They may even start talking as if they want to pick up back where they left off, as if nothing happened!

4. Benching: There is no planned dating or meet up. You just Facetime or text someone to keep them on the roster or make them an option.

5. Pheromone Date: You may be in a crowd at a club or a party and choose a guy based on his scent. The idea behind this is that pheromones result in you being physiologically attracted to an individual. So you discreetly sniff or smell them as they pass and decide if you like their particular scent. To each his own and if it can lead to a relationship, do not knock it.