‘Dating’ your husband again

Keeping things fresh and light is a great way to maintain the spark in a relationship.

Many women don’t realise that the happily ever after we read about in Mills & Boon does not actually exist. We confuse romance novels with reality and think that marriage is the culmination of all the hard work we put into dating, courtship, the engagement and wedding ceremony. On the contrary, it is after the “I do” that the real work begins.

Before getting married, you were looking your best and bringing the spice to the bedroom. Now, years in, you are busy binge-watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta in your ‘duster’ and with face full of moisturising cream, paying him no attention. Sister, get back to doing what you did to get the man in order to keep that same man.

Ensuring the bedroom activities continues to be interesting for both is an integral part of a healthy relationship.

1. Start ‘sexting’ him when he’s away from home: Tell him all the dirty little things you want to do to him later on when the kids are asleep and you have him all to yourself.

2. Invest in some new lingerie:  A peep show after he has eaten, showered and relaxed may be just what the sex therapist ordered.

3. Take a dancehall aerobics class: Learn some new dancehall moves that involves a more flexible waist line and hips.

4. Drive to the beach and enjoy the sunset or sunrise, which ever you know he prefers more.

5. Go to the adult toy store and get some spicy dice: Then go home set the mood with candles and follow the instructions on every side of the dice that instruct you where to touch, hold, lick and massage.

6. Send the kids to their grandparents once a week and turn your home into a sex den! You can do it whenever, whenever for a day and he will be guaranteed to have a smile on his face reliving the memories.

7. Go watch a move at the drive-in: Sit in the car, fool around and act like you used to do before kids, COVID and bills.

8. Keep communicating: Call him up in the middle of the day and just tell him that you were thinking of him and that you appreciate everything that he does for you and the family. Now that will make his day plus make him know that he is loved and supported. A man cannot ask for more.