Davina Bennett: A fashionable soul trapped in the wrong era

Davina Bennett

Your style says who you are without you speaking. For 2017 Miss Jamaica Universe, Davina Bennett, that would be ‘an older woman trapped in her 20 something body’.

Bennett embodies grace with her vintage inspired outfits.

While bringing the past fashionably to us, she also adds her own twists that create an air of intrigue around the gorgeous model and business woman.

So BUZZ Fam, you know we had to find out more.

Bennett embodies grace in her vintage inspired outfits

BUZZ: Where did the love for vintage inspired outfits come from?

Davina Bennett: I grew up in a very protective household and my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear shorts, blouse that showed cleavage or any attire that was revealing. I had to keep dressing myself in a modest vintage way that I know she would approve until it eventually became my own style. I  haven’t really drifted from that style to date.

‘A modest lady from the 80s’

BUZZ: A part from it being vintage, how else would you describe your style?

DB: I wouldn’t say trendy, because I don’t keep up with the trends but I would say a modest lady from the 80s.

Bennett is an ‘old soul’

BUZZ: Is it hard finding these pieces?

DB: I search for these pieces in every collection, and it’s usually the pieces people reject or the ones that look “old-looking”. There is always a vintage outfit in every store and I am that buyer! 

BUZZ: Is there any other style that you’re interested in?

DB: I do love a good tailored suit, men’s wear or comfortable clothing.

“a good tailored suit”

BUZZ: Who is your vintage muse, and why?

DB: My vintage Muse would be Princess Diana and that is because she is the epitome of grace, style and elegance and that makes her the perfect vintage muse. From tailored skirt suits, simply dresses or even the simplest of Jewelry’s she wears them in the most modest way and I try to emulate that in my own way of dressing. 

Bennett believes she is an old soul trapped in the wrong era

Trapped in the wrong era

BUZZ: How would you describe you taste in other things? Music for example…

Her style makes her stand out in any crowd

I do believe I am trapped in the wrong era. From the classical 80s souls music, to the clothes that I wear, to the people I associate myself with (older folks) to I even the wonderful man in my life. I truly feel like an older woman trapped in my 20s body.