Davina Bennett announces three-year engagement anniversary to Dimitri Kosvogiannis

Beauty queen Davina Bennett

You probably already knew that beauty queen Davina Bennett was dating Greek national and former hotelier, Dimitri Kosvogiannis. She has not been shy in expressing just how head over heels in love she is with him on her social media. But we bet you didn’t know that she was engaged to the man she affectionately calls “Papi”.

Bennett dropped the surprising news on all of us on Thursday (November 26). She revealed that something equally special happened on the night she placed third in the 2017 Miss Universe competition-Kosvogiannis proposed to her.

“It’s thanksgiving day and I am most thankful that 3 years ago today a special guy went on his knee, gave the best speech a girl could ask for, popped out the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him & of course after the cow bawling, hyperventilating and total shock, I said yes!” she wrote.

Davina sharing a light moment with her fiancé Dimitri Kosvogiannis

Her engagement announcement left fans wondering if the beauty queen got married at some point during the three years she’s been engaged or if she was still just engaged.

To that, Bennett had a very mischievous response. “I guess we will have to wait another 3 years to hear about the marriage part! Lmao! For right now, this me confirming the engagement!,” she replied to a follower who inquired.

Either way, Congrats queen!