Davina Bennett shares summer style tips

The summer is upon us and everyone is looking forward to a time of relaxation and fun.

Although we’re still going through COVID-19 there are some pop-up events and house parties that we may need to make an appearance.

You may be a bit clueless on what’s hot for the summer or some easy breezy looks that can serve for comfort and style.

Well, BUZZ Caribbean got some summer styling tips that you can try and guess what, we went to the expert for advice.  Davina Bennett, Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 shares some suggestions for sizzling summer style.  

“I am not big on purchasing clothes that have an expiration date or trends so these are my tips that will never go out of style” – Davina 

5 Summer Style Tips: 

  1. The classic white t-shirt – it may not be the most exciting but definitely the most versatile. So whether you are rocking a pattern skirt, pants or even a dress, you just can’t go wrong with this staple piece. 
  1. Sneakers – I have a new-found love for sneakers and I think they are perfect for summer time because they are perfect for both busy and lazy days. 
  1.  Denim shorts – summer is all about showing legs and denim shorts are a perfect choice. Try partnering a pair with a T-shirt for a cute casual look or a button-up for something slightly more luxe. 
  1. Sunglasses; there is no better way than to finish off a summer look than with some sleek shades that are ideal for your face shape. 

5.  One/ Two piece –  If you’re creating the perfect ‘summer capsule’ wardrobe, you can’t forget about swimwear. Apart from beachwear, swimwear is timelessly stylish, versatile and can double as a top or undergarment when required.

We hope these tips help to make your pics a bit better this Summer.