Davina Bennett shows off dancing skills

Jamaican beauty queen, Davina Bennett

Jamaican beauty queen Davina Bennett has the internet going crazy after she revealed that she has some skills in the dancing department.

The supermodel used social media to demonstrate the elasticity of her waistline while showing off her beautifully sculpted body, much to the adoration of her fanbase.

She captioned the post; “how I tan on a hot day in NYC! Melanin shades and tan lines. You know I gotta drop sup’m hot for the TikTok too.”

Since she uploaded the post to her Instagram, the comments have been pouring in. One person commented “lawd watch original steam fish and okra baddie”. Another social media user quipped “it’s the lil wine and melanin for me”. 

Since joining social media platform, TikTok, Bennett has been showing fans her other skills like acting.

“I’ve always loved acting, it’s actually my end goal for my career span after modeling but I tend to get shy.
Of course these are just for fun, but they are allowing me to be a bit more open with sharing while getting some practice. I mean who knows!” she shared in a recent post.