Days when we don’t count calories

You are the biggest health fanatic who diligently watches what you put into your body. Your diet consists of things that come fresh from the farm or the trees in your backyard, and you shun all those processed things with names that you cannot pronounce, let alone spell.

You watch your calorie intake and try not to eat late at night – notjust to avoid having nightmares, but because when it comes to junk food, if you eat it today you will probably be wearing it around your midsection or thighs tomorrow.

However, there are a few days on which even a health nut can relax a bit and live a little. Out of the 365 days in each calendar year, there are some that you let your calorie counter rest idly, while you savour the flavour of things you enjoy.

You indulge even though you know that while they may taste great, you are going to have to get on the treadmill or go for a jog the following day to burn it off. These are the days that you simply say ‘What nuh kill fatten, and what nuh fatten is forgotten’.

1. Christmas. With ham, gungo rice and peas, Christmas cake and all the delicious and sinful things in between.

2. Anniversary. When your spouse takes you to your favourite restaurant, I dare you to order just a plain old salad.

3. Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes we forget that wine and liquor have those hidden calories, but they sure taste good going down the hatch!

4. Vacation. What is the point of a vacation if you cannot live a little? 

5. Birthday. This comes with a requisite cake and all the other sweet trimmings.

6. New year’s Eve. Do champagne toast and kisses count as calories? 

7. Graduation.  You can always expect family gatherings and celebrations to be followed by a feast or a dinner out at a fancy place where you order expensive food on someone else’s credit card.